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  • You continue to own your home 100%*
  • No more monthly mortgage payment!*
  • The money you receive is Tax Free.
  • Your heirs will still inherit your home.
  • Each federally insured REVERSE MORTGAGE is made according to the rules and guidelines established by HUD and FHA
  • Mandatory 3rd party, independent counseling is required.

HomeSafe recognizes both the benefits and challenges of retirement. Your financial security and potential health issues are big concerns during your retirement years. Since most of us will be living longer, more of a nest egg is needed to live comfortably and ensure that any health problems won`t devastate you financially. It`s time to consider how prepared you are to handle these critical issues so you can enjoy the latter part of your life stress-free.

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) or REVERSE MORTGAGE, as it`s commonly referred, is an FHA regulated mortgage option for mature homeowners designed to assure financial security during retirement.

What if there was a secret stash of cash in your home that could offer you peace of mind? What if this money was yours, tax free, to spend however you`d like? Your home could have substantial equity and now has never been a better time to draw on that equity risk free!

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