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Home Safe's Powerful Retirement Tools

Home Safe's Examples Using this Powerful Retirement Tool
Homesafe has developed examples using this powerful retirement tool to show homeowners 62 and older how to use a reverse mortgage to grow and secure their retirement savings. These examples show how to save over $100,000 in taxes over 10 years, how to "stuff" your retirement and how to supplement your income when your partner has passed away.

These are just a few tools that can minimize your anxiety and create a retirement plan that allows you to enjoy and prosper during your retirement years.

Tax Savings Example **

Using a tax free reverse mortgage with your qualified retirement accounts (401k, IRA, etc.) creates financial synergy, meaning you get more out of each account than you could if you used them separately. Using the monthly distribution from a tax free reverse mortgage combined with smaller distributions from your qualified accounts can reduce taxes and preserve and prolong your retirement accounts. In our example, if one takes only income from their taxable qualified accounts, retirement savings depletes over a ten year period and are completely gone after 12 years. However, when combined with a reverse mortgage, smaller distributions from retirement accounts allow one to pay less in taxes thus preserving retirement and coupled with the interest earned over time, the retirement savings is actually growing.

  • Ones` wealth is preserved and prolonged.
  • In our example, this could save you very significant amount of money in income taxes.**
  • Results in increased retirement savings

Quick Funding Example **

HomeSafe has a strategy where you can radically increase your retirement savings in just a few short years. Normally this would take a lifetime but using a REVERSE MORTGAGE you can get caught up and get fully funded by quick funding your retirement where you aggressively build your retirement. This is a safe, tried and true strategy that has proven to be tremendously successful.

Since a REVERSE MORTGAGE eliminates your monthly mortgage, you can now put that money allocated for your mortgage into a retirement savings account while still receiving the same monthly cash flow, but with significantly lower taxes. Current cash flow is unchanged so lifestyle is unaffected. This change is easily accomplished. Because you have reduced your expenses and have more savings, you are now able to postpone social security in order to maximize distributions. There is more in retirement savings & no mortgage payment, so you are much better prepared for retirement.

Supplement Your Income Example**

The best plans can be thwarted by life`s unexpected changes. Sometimes these changes can be devastating such as the illness or loss of a loved one; it can be even more devastating if that person contributes to your household income. No longer having your loved one`s financial contributions can compound the pain and create uncertainty for the future.

A REVERSE MORTGAGE is a commonly overlooked option for people facing this scenario. By drawing on the equity in your home you can adjust your financial picture from one of anxiety and uncertainly to relief and security. A REVERSE MORTGAGE can eliminate your mortgage payment thus freeing up much needed cash. Additionally, it could pay you a monthly tax free stipend to help cover regular living expenses. Now that there is regular cash flow you no long risk moving because you can`t afford your home*. You continue to live in and own your home.